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You said “Yes!”, now what? Your friends and family will begin asking about the date, the wedding party, the venue, the colors scheme, and inevitably start giving you overwhelming, unsolicited advice. Before you start registering for spatulas and pinning romantic bridal up-dos, here are some tips from wedding planner and designer, Kendra Hobson of SIMPLY GRAND EVENTS about how to navigate the next steps after you get engaged!


Before diving into the overwhelming sea of ideas on Pinterest, sit down with your fiancé and prioritize the top 5 must-haves in order and then set your budget accordingly. If having an amazing party is first on your list, allocate more of your budget towards a great band and production company to get your guests on the dance floor. If you really dream of a beautifully styled event, spend more on a talented florist and event stylist as well as a photographer to capture it all. Figuring out what is most important to you and your partner and prioritizing your wish list from the beginning will allow you vision to be clear from the get go. It’s all a balancing act!


Prior to picking a venue, enlist the help of a professional planner to help you navigate the overwhelming planning process. A wedding planner is your best advocate in finding the right venue, setting, and managing an appropriate budget, as well as assembling a dream team of trustworthy vendors. The right planner will help you sail through the muddy waters of contracts, timelines, and logistics while keeping your vision at the forefront and ensuring your day is unique and seamless.


What makes your wedding unique is that it’s yours. One of the toughest challenges in planning a wedding is worrying about what others want. This can be especially tricky when dealing with a parent that is paying for the wedding that wants certain things that don’t fit your vision. Hearing them out makes them feel validated and involved. However, the sheer volume of outsider suggestions can become deafening. You can’t please everyone! Sometimes you’ll need to be creative about compromising and sometimes you’ll need to stick to your guns. Don’t be afraid to move away from tradition and be true to yourselves. Express your desire to really make this day about your union and bringing everyone together.


You’ll be more centered and excited if you remember that the day is truly all about your union. You’re going to marry your best friend! Don’t forget to have fun and be a team when planning your wedding. Set aside time together every week to plan as well as time together to specifically not plan. If it feels like too much to tackle, try to conquer one task by coming up with your top three options and deciding on one together. Checking things off the list slowly will give you a sense of forward momentum and teamwork. Listen to each other and be compassionate when you disagree. Lastly, don’t skimp on the ceremony or the vows! Spending a little more time planning the ceremony will really pay off on the wedding day as you share a memorable, intimate moment together and with your guests. It’s a true reflection of whom you are as a couple.


When people see “Jackson Hole” on an invitation, they pack their bags! Don’t assume that because it’s a destination wedding that you will be able to knock down your guest list in hopes that most people won’t make the long trip. More often than not, my clients are shocked by number of guests that RSVP “yes”. With 24% of brides in the US choosing destination weddings, it is becoming more common for guests to be expected to travel. Don’t budget for 100 guests if you’ve invited 350 hoping for guest attrition. Be prepared for more “yes” RSVP cards and budget accordingly.

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